Sisters Lucy and Mia

Once upon a time, there were two sisters named Lucy and Mia. They lived on a farm with their parents and all sorts of animals, but their favorite were the horses.
They loved to watch the horses run and play, but most of all they loved to ride them.
One day, their dad told them that they were going to learn how to jump horses. "Jumping is when you ride a horse over obstacles like fences and gates," he explained.
"It's a lot of fun and requires a lot of skill and practice."
Lucy and Mia were so excited to learn how to jump!
They started by learning how to sit properly on the horse and how to balance their weight. They practiced riding the horses in a straight line and making smooth turns.
They also learned about the different types of jumps, such as cross rails, verticals, and oxers.
Next, they learned how to approach the fences and jumps. They learned that it was important to keep their eyes on the jump and to give the horse plenty of room to take off.
They also learned how to hold their reins and use their legs to help guide the horse over the jump.
With a lot of hard work and determination, Lucy and Mia soon became very good at jumping.
They started to enter horse shows and competed against other riders. They loved the excitement of the shows and the thrill of jumping in front of an audience.
But one day, Lucy's horse got scared at a jump and refused to go over it. Lucy was upset, but Mia reminded her that horses are animals and sometimes they get scared, just like people do.
They decided to work together to help their horse overcome its fear.
So, they practiced jumping with their horse and worked to build its confidence. They also tried different approaches to the jumps and used positive reinforcement to encourage their horse.
With patience and kindness, they were soon able to jump the highest fences together.
As they continued to compete in horse shows, Lucy and Mia made many new friends and learned about the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork.
They cheered each other on and helped each other when they needed it.
They also learned about the importance of taking care of their horses, including grooming, feeding, and proper care of their tack and equipment.
Years went by, and Lucy and Mia became accomplished riders.
They competed in larger shows, and even won several awards and trophies.
They never forgot the lessons they learned when they first started jumping, and they passed those lessons down to other riders they mentored.
And from that day on, they rode their horses with pride, always remembering that with a little love and patience, anything is possible.
They continued to enter horse shows and have fun jumping together, becoming better riders with each and every jump.

Sisters Lucy and Mia

Jumping Over Fences and Into Adventure

Dan Mayer

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