Potty Time with Sasha: A Little Girl's Journey to Independence

Sasha was a little girl who was learning lots of new things. One of the most important things she was learning was how to use the potty.
Sasha's mom reminded her that everyone needs to use the potty. Even animals like her cat, Whiskers, and her imaginary whale, Fluffy, have their special spots to go.
At first, Sasha was afraid to use the potty. It seemed so big and strange to her.
But then, her mom showed her a special potty, just her size. Sasha thought it was nice to have a potty that was just for her.
Sasha's mom told her that she would need to listen to her body. When her body tells her it's time to go, she should go to the potty.
So Sasha started listening to her body. She tried to notice the feeling when she needed to go to the potty.
One day, Sasha felt that she needed to go. She ran to the potty, but it was too late.
Sasha was upset. She didn't want to have accidents.
Her mom comforted her and said, "It's okay, Sasha. Everybody has accidents sometimes."
Sasha decided to try again. She wanted to learn how to use the potty.
The next time Sasha felt that she needed to go, she ran to her potty. This time, she made it!
Sasha was so proud of herself. She had used the potty all by herself!
Her mom gave her a big hug and said, "I'm so proud of you, Sasha! You're learning to use the potty!"
Sasha felt very grown up. She was excited to tell her friends that she used the potty all by herself.
The next day, Sasha was playing with her toys. Suddenly, she felt that she needed to go to the potty.
Without stopping to think, Sasha ran to her potty. She made it in time!
Sasha smiled. She was getting better at using the potty.
From that day forward, Sasha kept using her potty. She was proud of herself for learning something new.
And her mom was proud too. She said, "Sasha, you're such a big girl now!"
Sasha realized that learning new things could be fun. She was excited to learn more and more.
And that's the story of how Sasha learned to use the potty. She knew that even if something seemed difficult at first, she could do it with a little practice.

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