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A collection of books published by pretheory, and written with our collaborative AI tooling.

Sasha's Spell: The Witch's Redemption

This children's book text is an engaging narrative filled with colorful illustrations, teaching kids important values and lessons through fun stories and interesting characters, fostering their imagination, empathy, and critical thinking skills.

Wilbur the Whale's Time-Traveling Tales: A Journey Through Maine's History

A delightful children's book that takes readers on a magical journey through the history of Maine, with a wise time-traveling whale named Wilbur as their guide. From the early days of the Native American Wabanaki tribes and the arrival of English settlers, through the American Revolutionary War, the state's shipbuilding and paper industries, to the growth of its cities and the rise of tourism, children will experience Maine's rich heritage.

Theo's Bike Ride to the Ice Cream Shop

Theo, a young boy from Cherryville, overcomes his fear of biking and experiences the joy and freedom of his first solo ride to the local ice cream shop, demonstrating that new skills can be mastered with patience and courage.

Sasha The Puppy Doctor

A little girl named Sasha who loves puppies takes care of her stuffed animals. As she grows up she learns to take care of real animals and becomes a veterinarian.

Sisters Lucy and Mia

Jumping Over Fences and Into Adventure

Two sisters learn to ride horses and love the adventure.

Theo Becomes An Astronaut

A young child named Theo dreams of becoming an astronaut... They work towards that goal and explore the galaxies.

Jack's Halloween Tales

The Storytelling Pumpkin tells the history of Halloween

This book is a fun and educational text for children, filled with engaging stories, colorful illustrations and valuable life lessons, designed to improve kids' reading skills and spark their imagination.

Potty Time with Sasha: A Little Girl's Journey to Independence

Sasha Learns to Use the Potty is a heartwarming children's book about a little girl named Sasha who overcomes her fears and learns to use the potty. The story emphasizes the importance of patience, practice, and listening to one's body.

Theo The Great

The World At Sleep

A young boy named Theo meets a wizard who tells him of a worldwide problem. Everyone is falling asleep, and the wizard needs Theo's help to defeat the evil Dr. sleep. Will Theo, join his quest and learn the magic required to save everyone from sleep?

Lucy and Mia's Magic Stone

Adventures Around the World

Two adventurous sisters, Lucy and Mia, discover a magical stone that can transport them anywhere. Their travels expose them to diverse cultures and environmental issues, inspiring a lifelong commitment to helping others and protecting the planet. Their adventures and contributions continue even after their magical stone is lost.

Wilbur the Whale's Time-Traveling Tales: A Texas Adventure

Once upon a time, in the deep blue sea, there lived a time-traveling whale named Wilbur. This children's book follows Wilbur, a time-traveling whale who explores the history of Texas. From the Native American tribes to the Spanish explorers, Texians, oil boom, and the space age, Wilbur witnesses the state's evolution, blending of cultures, and the spirit of its people.

Wilbur the Whale's Time-Traveling Tales

A Journey Through Portland's History

In this children's book, Wilbur, a time-traveling whale, explores the history of Portland. He witnesses the arrival of Lewis and Clark, the city's founding, its growth and change over the centuries, and its commitment to sustainability. Wilbur then returns to his ocean home, ready to share his adventures.

Wilbur the Whale's Time-Travel Tales: The Story of Delaware

Hello, little ones! is a children's book by Wilbur, a time-traveling whale, who takes young readers on a journey through the history of Delaware. From its Native American origins, through its key role in the American Revolution, to its present-day status as a business hub, the book presents a comprehensive overview of Delaware's rich history.

Wilbur the Time-Traveling Whale

A Journey Through Vermont's History

In this magical tale, a wise time-traveling whale called Wilbur takes a group of children on a journey through Vermont's history. From the early Native American tribes to the modern-day, they learn about Vermont's culture, economy, and notable events, gaining a deep appreciation for the state's rich history.

Sasha's Magical Journey: The Story of the Little Witch

In a small town, a curious girl named Sasha discovers a magic book. She learns to cast spells, transforming her world with beauty and joy. When a dragon threatens her town, Sasha bravely uses her magic for good, earning her the title of 'the great witch'.

Theo the Great: The Boy Who Saved the World's Dreams

Theo the Great: The Boy Who Saved Dreams is a magical tale of a brave boy named Theo who embarks on an adventure with his wizard friend, Zephyr, to save the world's dreams from a nightmare cloud. Together, they collect dream dust from the Dreamy Mountains, ensuring all children continue to have beautiful dreams.

Wilbur the Whale's Time-Traveling Tales: Explains Illinois

Wilbur, a friendly and curious time-traveling whale, journeys through the history of Illinois. From meeting the Native American Illini tribe to witnessing the Great Chicago Fire and the invention of the Model T, Wilbur learns about the state's rich cultural heritage and significant historical events, sharing these wonders with children and readers.

Wilbur Whales Through Time: The Idaho Adventure

In this children's book, a time-traveling whale named Wilbur visits Idaho to discover its history. From the Native American tribes to the gold rush, the establishment of Idaho as a state, and the development of agriculture and education, Wilbur observes and learns about Idaho's diverse history and natural beauty.

Wilbur the Time-Traveling Whale and the Wondrous World of Basketball

A time-traveling whale named Wilbur embarks on an adventure through the history of basketball, from its invention in 1891 to the rise of modern-day superstars. Along the way, he shares the game's evolution and impact with his underwater friends, who are inspired to play their own version of basketball.

Wilbur the Whale's Time-Traveling Tales: A Journey Through Connecticut's History

Wilbur, the Time-Traveling Whale is an adventurous tale of a cheerful whale who journeys through time, exploring the rich history of Connecticut. From the arrival of Dutch explorers in 1614, the founding of Yale University, the Revolutionary War, to the desegregation of schools, Wilbur witnesses key events that shaped this fascinating place.

Sasha's Stuffed Animal Clinic: A Little Girl's Dream to Heal

This book engages children with fun, educational content filled with vibrant illustrations, exciting adventure stories, moral lessons, and interactive exercises that stimulate their imagination, creativity, and love for reading.

Wilbur the Whale's Time-Traveling Tales: The Tale of Oklahoma's Resilient Spirit

Wilbur the whale uses his ability to time travel to explore the history of Oklahoma. From the Native American tribes to the settlers and oil boom, Wilbur learns about the people's resilience and adaptability. He brings back the story of Oklahoma's hope, determination, and community spirit to share with others.

Wilbur the Time-Traveling Whale: A Journey Through Louisiana's History

A children's book about the history of Louisiana told by a time-traveling whale named Wilbur.

Wilbur the Whale's Time-Traveling Tales: A Colorado Adventure

A curious, time-traveling whale named Wilbur embarks on an adventure to discover the history of Colorado. From meeting prehistoric dinosaurs to interacting with Native Americans, witnessing the Gold Rush and exploring modern Colorado, Wilbur learns about the state's rich past and its evolving present.

Sunshineville Magic: The Tale of Four Friends and a Wizard

This children's book offers engaging stories and colorful illustrations, designed to entertain and educate young readers, nurturing their imagination, cognitive development and love for reading.